Frequently asked questions:


We designed the Trophy Bicycle Holders because most bike holders on the market look and feel very industrial. Fine for your garage, not so much for your hallway or living room. We wanted to design and make something that you would like on your wall even without a bike on it!

What kind of bikes will it hold?

Trophy will hold most kinds of road, mountain and hybrid bicycles that can be held at two balance points spaced at 41cm (Bull) and 38cm (Deer) apart. We advise you take some measurements of your frame if you are in any doubt. 

What kind of walls are they suitable for?

All Trophy Bicycle Holders come with easy-to-follow instructions and fixings for masonry, brick and timber walls as standard.  A stud wall fixings pack is also available for hollow cavity (plasterboard etc…) type walls through the Online Shop.  The stud wall fixing kit will cater for hollow-partition walls of between 9mm -> 15mm in thickness (a minimum void of 35mm is required behind the panel).  Both the Bull & Deer are rated up to 20kg, but please check your walls are strong enough to support the type of bike you’re holding!

Where can I put it?

See above, any indoor walls. We are working on an outdoor fixing pack. Contact us for further details.

How do I fix it to the wall?

Trophy holders are supplied with fixings to screw into the wall. Instructions are provided.

How far from the wall will it hold my bike?

The Bull holds frames approx. 22cm from the wall, the Deer 20cm. The handle bars of most bikes will tilt slightly to allow the frame to hang square. If you have very wide handlebars (over 60cm), the front wheel may have to be steeply angled to allow fitment; please bear this in mind when choosing a location for your Trophy.  We advise you take some measurements of your frame if you are in any doubt.

How far will it stick out from the wall?

The Bull will protrude 29cm from the wall, the Deer 28cm – but if you position them above head height, they should be up and out of the way!

My bike is really muddy / oily / dirty – Is this a problem?

No!  If your bike is often stored away after being subjected to the elements, we’d recommend the Soft-touch Plastic finish which is very easy to wipe clean with a soft cloth and warm water (& a little diluted detergent if needed).  The Short Fur finish like any textured material is best-suited for cleaner bikes but can still be cleaned with a toothbrush / soft cloth & a little diluted detergent if required.

Will my bike touch the wall?

It depends on your bike frame; most bikes with drop-bars will sit flat and not touch the wall; many bikes with flat handlebars will tilt their front wheel slightly but still not touch the wall – it all depends on the geometry of your frame.

Where can I put my helmet, gloves etc….?

Because of the ‘silhouette’ profile of Trophy, you can loop your helmet strap around the steel outline, and wedge your gloves/scarf etc… inside the horns (after your bicycle is in place)

What colours are available?

Please see the product pages Trophy Bull and Trophy Deer.

How much is postage and packaging?

Depends where you are located, please contact us. For most UK address it will be £9.

How long will it last?

They are made out of solid steel, so should outlast most bicycles!  We hope that you will cherish your Trophy for a lifetime and pass it on to others if you no longer use it.

What is the maximum weight limit?

Each Trophy bicycle holder is suitable for one bicycle only, weighing up to 20kg.

Will it scratch my bike?

Both the Short Fur and Soft-touch Plastic coatings are designed not scratch you bike frame.

Where is it made?

Trophy Bicycle Holders are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Do you ship to outside the UK?

Yes we do!  Please select your country from the drop-down list on the Online Shop – if your country is not listed please e-mail us at stating your location and postcode for a delivery cost.